Indux Basic

Indux Basic is a ceiling lamp with a comfortable warm white LED light. The lamp fits just as well whether it is at the dining table, in the office or in the meeting room. The material is solid colour MDF plate

Indux Basic is a ceiling lamp inspired by a Scandinavian "retro design" with a comfortable warm white 72W 4000K LED light.

The lamp has acoustic characteristics for significantly improving speech intelligibility by breaking up the sound waves by the acoustic structure in the front of the lamp.

In the dining room or above the kitchen table
Indux Basic fits right into any living room or kitchen table.

In the meeting room
Indux Basic is a must-have in any meeting room. In addition to a very good light, the sound quality is significantly improved in a meeting call or Skype call. The effect is achieved by the sound waves breaking up by the Indux surface structure and limiting unwanted sound transmission in a sound-filled space.

Above the office desk
This is the perfect environment for Indux Basic. At an office desk placed in an office landscape, a good acoustic environment is created whether you are talking on the phone or in a Skype situation. In addition, there is very good and comfortable lighting throughout the desk area.

The lamp is made of solid coloured MDF plate. The material is eco-friendly, moisture-repellent and is delivered with an oil waxed finish. The color choices are black, gray and brown.

H: 100mm x L: 1215mm x W: 615mm

Weight: 23kg

Suspension and 3m cable with outlet.

Delivery time:
Expected delivery time is 1-3 weeks

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